Program Overview for Medical Providers


Offering financing for your elective medical services does not need to be complicated, time consuming or require managing multiple finance companies that only approve very targeted credits profiles.

EasyPay Finance removes the guesswork of where to send patients by providing approvals for all credit types. Best of all, we do this for a nominal merchant fee of 2.99%.

Busy offices benefit from our streamlined application process that provides your patients instant online approvals without submitting paystubs or bank statements.

Whether your patient has good, challenged or poor credit, we've got you covered. With EasyPay Finance you'll say "you're approved for financing" to more of your patients.

We understand that the last few years have been very difficult and many prospective patients do not qualify for traditional bank financing. They need an alternative program to finance your recommended service. To meet the unique needs of those with poor credit, EasyPay Finance utilizes both standard credit bureau reporting and non-traditional repayment indicators such as how they have managed their bank accounts. The combination results in up to 80% of your patients being approved and an increase in your case acceptance.

EasyPay Highlights

  • $350 - $4,000 Approvals
  • 12 and 24 Month Terms
  • 90 Days No Interest Option
  • 2.99% Merchant Fee
  • Instant Online Approvals
  • No Paystubs or Bank Statements Required
  • Submit Applications via Fax, Phone or Online
  • Same Day Funding